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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Corrupt or Corrap

Back in November a vote took place here in Pleasantville that gave us the choice. Continue with higher property tax rates, or increase sales tax and decrease property tax. Normally, I'd say, who cares, they are going to get their money one way or the other, but since I own two houses here in town, I figure the lower property taxes was the way to go and I voted for the sales tax and it passed.

Then just this week I find out not only has my sales tax gone up, thanks to my vote, but the assessed value of the house we live in went up to. Up $6800! If I was selling tomorrow, hey that's great, but I'm not so it's not so great. Instead I now get to pay higher sales tax and higher property tax. Everyone on our block just got bumped up. $4900 to our left and $7000 across the street so we're not alone in this.

My thoughts??? Dump the tea in the harbor. Tell me this wasn't some sort of corrupt gig from the beginning. Hey - let's get them to raise sales tax and lower property taxes, but then we'll come back and raise property values across the board so everyone pays higher property taxes too. I'm starting to feel like my Andy of Mayberry life just turned to Dukes of Hazard and this is Boss Hog's latest attempt at getting the farm from the Dukes. If that's the case, at least I get to take Daisy upstairs to bed in my $6800 more expensive house tonight ;)