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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

For Granted

In 3rd world countries such as Guatemala, there are obviously things that we as Americans take for granted. Some of the obvious are: running water, water safe to drink, electricity, gas/electric stoves, not having to ride a bus driven by a suicidal-kamikazi driver. But perhaps the one thing that really sticks in my mind is decent praise and worship at church.

On Thursday evening after laboring all day, we loaded up the van and drove out in to the country so I could preach at a little compo (country) church. It was about what I expected... until... until the music started.

The church was adobe, the floor cement. The stage was cinder block with cement poured in it and the windows broken out. The pastor steps up to the microphone and begins to greet everyone in Spanish mixed with his native dialect. My translator spoke only Spanish, so her translation was broken as well. He then had everyone read Psalm 133. They all read it aloud. Then the music starts. It drones on for 10 minutes as everyone sings the same Psalm we all just read. The music stops and the pastor's wife steps on stage and takes the mike and instructs to read another Psalm. The whole church (all 30 who speak spanish) read aloud the Psalm. Then the music starts... the same music. And everyone begins to sing the same Psalm just read to the same tune. This goes on for 10 minutes. Finally after 45 minutes of this ear wrenching drone, we were all hypnotized and they brainwashed us to help take over the world. No, not really, but I guess I can't be so sure.

Anyway, so help you get a full understanding of what an 8 year old playing drums on a toy store electric drum pad mixed with an out of tune guitar mixed with a casio keyboard like you can buy for $29.99 at any Radio Shack, mixed with a tone deaf singer sounds like, I captured about 10 seconds of the experience on video. Check it out here at your own risk. church.MOV

For full effect, just loop it for about half an hour.