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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Introducing my Guest Blogger

Beginning this Friday I am leading a team of 10 from our church to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala where we are going to be meeting up with resident missionaries originally from our church to help build classrooms for their bible school. We will be in country from Saturday to Saturday.

If you want to know where, what and why about Guatemala or any other country, check out this link. (The CIA is so user friendly.)

So, during this time I am not going to leave you high and dry with a week of Shannoning and a plea to check out some links on the side of my blog hoping you'll all come back in a week. Instead I have made arrangements with a great friend of mine to guest blog for me while I'm gone.

Many of you know her as the one who keeps me in line. I know her as my best friend and wife.

Hope you all enjoy her insight and comments. Please take it easy on her. Her cynnical humor isn't as polished as mine is, but she still tries. I'm not sure how connected I'll be. Intenet is a bit of a luxury, but if I get the chance I'll send some updates for Deann to post.