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Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekly Poll #3

Results of last week's poll are as follows:

Did you have your flu shot this year?
0% Of course - it is a safe and reasonalbe action
0% Yeah - work had them for free and I was bored
0% Yeah, I think so.. or was that last year?
0% Doh - forgot again... maybe next year
9% No way - no one is coming near me with a needle
45% Nope - I'm always healthy as a horse
45% No - It's a government conspiracy to collect DNA samples

Hmm - perhaps Betsy made a very astute comment that we are a little paranoid. Me, I'm just lazy and forgot. I am glad to see that only 9% are afraid of needles. Fear of the government is one thing, but fear of needles? Come on... let's get real.

Check out this weeks poll. A little more serious topic.