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Monday, February 28, 2005

Deepest Darkest Secrets

My oldest son Jacob had his birthday party Friday night. He turned 7 and had 3 friends over to eat pizza, go bowling, open presents, hot tub and sleep over. Seems innocent enough and what could really go bad with 4 seven year olds anyway?

Well, everything was going great until... In the hot tub my son says, let's go over to this corner and tell our deepest darkest secrets. Holy Crap! You're seven I'm thinking. Deann, who is in the hot tub with them is about to crawl out and scream. Fortuantely she kept her cool. Until they begin to tell about who they have crushes on. We have known for years that Jacob has a secret crush on Kaylee Peterson, this cute little blonde girl in his class. So no big suprises there. His friend however says "I used to like this girl, we were dating... Until I found out she was 2 timing me. She liked her other boyfriend better than me, so we broke up."

At what point did I become old? When did 7 year olds begin talking about 2 timing? More importantly, when did 7 year olds start 2 timing?

Ok - next year, it's Chuck E Cheese, cute party hats and a Disney movie. All the kids are home by 7 and no one ever talks about deepest darkest secrets again.