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Monday, January 10, 2005

Homosexual Lizards

We'd been in Mexico for less than 24 hours. Still acclimating to the beauty and slow pace of everything. Knowing that CanCun is close to jungle areas it's not uncommon to see animals that you wouldn't normally see in the midwest. For example, the birds are different, pelicans and big ugly hawk like birds fly above the water. Of course snakes, spiders and lizards aren't uncommon either.
As I made my way from the dining room table to the couch I hear this shrill, panicked scream and freeze dead in my tracks. I look up to see the wife of the couple we went with pointing over my left shoulder, hand over her mouth and a look of terror on her face. I slowly turned, expecting to see a large snake, venom filled fangs poised to bite me. Goose bumps began to rise on my arms when I completed my turn and saw the tiniest lizard perched gently on the wall above my head.

Then out of her mouth come the words "Oh My God its a gay-ko" First I thought, it's pronounced Geh-ko, not Gay-ko and second, I think they like to be called homosexual lizards. Even the reptiles have gone PC.

Fortunately I'd watched multiple episodes of the Crocodile Hunter and was able to apprehend the lizard and safely release him off the second floor balcony to the sand below.