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Monday, December 20, 2004

4 little words

I've got this little card I carry with me in my planner. It says that I'm able to marry, bury, baptize and give communion to people. Four little words. It comes in handy when I go to the hospital to visit sick people. Mostly it comes in handy to slip the locks on doors if I've forgot my keys.
Of the four, I was batting .250. I'd only served communion until this weekend when I performed my first wedding. Things went great and I actually thought I was pretty good at it.
Tomorrow my average goes up again. I perform my first funeral. I want to do good for the family and comfort them, but none of them went to our church. Only the deceased attended and only a couple of times, but she felt connected to me, so I got the call to do the service. I told the funeral director, after he proceeded to fill me in on the latest gossip of the funeral home industry, that one of my biggest goals is not to come across like a rookie. He laughed at me, probably thinking "rookie". I don't want to make some green horn mistake like trip and fall in the grave. I want things to be proper for the family. They deserve it and should have it.
Sincerity, honesty and compassion are the 3 virtues of a minister during a funeral... I think. There ought to be a 5th little word on my little card. "improvise" With no idea if what I'm doing is right or wrong, I'm so making this up as I go. My new ministry motto... "Fake it til you make it"