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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Best of Christmas

Okay, now that we are all at least 5 pounds heaier from all the pies, cookies, ham and green bean caserole, I want to take a survey.
I've tried this once before here and it failed miserably, but I'm feeling a little saucy tonight, so I'm going for it anyway.
  1. What was the best gift you got this year?
  2. What was the best gift you gave this year?
Received - was a clock/radio/cd player/mirror that goes in the shower. I'm so excited about it. I put in my new U2 How to dismantle an atomic bomb CD and took a GREAT shower this morning. Thanks honey!
Given - an outfit for my wife. I hate clothes shopping for her. The whole if it's too big she'll think I think she's that big, but if it's too small she'll think I want her that size and aren't happy with her like she is. In reality I have no idea what size she is and am perfectly happy with her just like she is... Ohh, my head spins thinking of the agony I could cause myself. BUT - I did good this year, took a chance and she loved it! Home Run Big Time!

What's yours??? If you've never posted here, now's your chance.