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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Catalyst Notes Pt 2

Not so much something relevant to young leadership, but when Chuck Colson came out to speak he said something that was way more than eye opening... it was startling, with a chill.

Colson was an aide to Nixon and known as his "hatchet man". He said during his speech that during the cold war, he would be involved in meetings with generals and high ranking officials within the cabinet. The meetings became so stressful that he would actually go home and vomit because he became overwhelmed with the reality that one small mistake or misunderstanding would result in a nucular attack and kill millions of lives. As we all began to try to imagine that kind of stress, he followed his statement by saying "I am more concerned about nucular attack today than I was then because of the terrorist threat in America."

It's one thing to hear Bill O'riley or even a Dan Rather sort make that kind of statement, but when someone on the inside of the cold war says it. WOW. The whole place went into an eerie silence and you could almost hear people squirming and thinking about the intense power of his statment. What do you think? Nuclear bomb - More or less possible now?