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Monday, October 04, 2004

Wasting Time

If you find yourself sitting at work staring at the clock and need something to do to kill time, try my new favorite hobby. Someone, I think Betsy ,turned me on to the website TinyPic, where you can host your pics online. I found that you can actually go back and view the Newest 50 pics posted by everyone in the world. So for fun sometimes I like to look through everyone else's photos then try to guess what's going on in the pic and why they posted it. Kind of create an identity based off the photo.

So, to try to get some reader participation, check out the photos, find an interesting one and email me the pic and a caption of who took it, why it was taken, or what's going on in the pic, etc, etc. The wilder the imagination, the better. So, let's have it. Send me your pics at mbbarrett@hotmail.com and I'll post the best response I get. ***note of caution - the site doesn't allow nudity, etc, but I have come across a few. There is a way to report it when found. So just be aware of that as you scan the pics.***

Here's my latest for an example. It's kind of lame, so find one better and send it to me.

"After a wild night's pary at the Delta Omicron Gamma house someone thought it would be fun to play the old Magic Marker on the drunk person joke"