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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Payback is Fun!

My good friend Betsy thought it would be cute to give visual examples of what a doppleganger is. Check out her post here (Link)
Well she thought it would be just great to show how much my doppleganger looked like John Candy in Space Balls. So, to show how perception can be easily altered, I decided to take it upon myself and return the favor to her.
Below you can see that I've found her doppleganger to be none other than James Brown, and mine not to be John Candy, but rather Antonio Sabato Jr. of Calvin Klein underwear.
I know we all agree with this, so I'm sure the comments will all be supportive right???

What a resemblance!

An even better Resemblance!

Bottom line... any bad picture can make a normally good looking person look bad.
(remember - right click, save picture as - and you too can own this picture of Betsy. Better yet, post it on your blog.)