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Friday, September 24, 2004

Father John

I admit it and most people who know me will confirm that I am a closet geek. I am cool enough to cover up my geekiness in public, but at heart I love the things that geeks love. For example, I have been watching EWTN lately. Not that Catholics are all geeks, but honestly most people who are on this station are. Of course the same could be said for TBN, Sky Angel, or what ever mainstream Chrisitan station you want to name.

However, I came across this guy Father John Corapi, who simply put captivates me. Doctrinely, not being Catholic, there are a few things that I don't agree with, but saving the baby and not the bathwater, I really find him enjoyable as a speaker. Relavent to social issues and practical to where we live life. Definately breaks the stigma of what a Catholic Priest is like. So if at 3am some night you find yourself awake staring at the ceiling, I encourage you to check him out. I'll probably be watching too, so we can share the experience together while apart.