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Monday, September 13, 2004

A Few Bad Decisions

Ever wonder how life could have been diferent if you just would have chosen differently at some critical juncture in life? I've been thinking about that a lot this weekend after I found this article (Link) on America's Most Wanted.

That show always seems sort of far removed for me and as a result I don't ever watch it. I never feel like I have a chance of knowing any of the people and my neighbors seem pretty normal, so I'm fairly confident that I don't have to worry about one of them being former Columbian Cartel.

But what really struck me about that article, is I went to school with Paul Eischeid. Yep, grew up around him, actually idolized him to an extent. He was a drummer, better than I was and I wanted to be like him. I remember digging forts with him in the woods across the street from where I grew up. He is a bright guy. He had that seemingly natural ability to lead.

Wonder how many different decisions I would have had to make to end up with him.