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Friday, February 02, 2007

Jack Bauer: Office efficiency guru

It's Friday and I'm in a great... make that a half silly mood. We have plans to go out to eat and hear some live music tonight. I have free lunch today and a fluff meeting before. I lost almost 3 pounds this week and I'm just feeling fine. So I thought I'd post some silly humor to add to my mood.

I don't watch 24, but I'm aware of the basic concept. No I dont' live under a rock and no I'm not a socially backward loser, though some may debate the later.

I did however find this to be rather funny. Partly because I've worked with people like this and partly because I've often felt like this, but have managed to repress my feelings.

Jack Bauer on office management:

I'm thinking of bringing him in as a consultant to help improve office efficiency.