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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

God Must Be a Mac User

There are certain monumental events in every one's life that are frozen like snapshots in your mind's eye. The moment your wife agreed to marry you, the birth of a child or buying your first house. I can distinctly look back and vividly remember such instances as if I was looking through the photo album of my life.

Last night I experienced yet another memory making event. No longer must I hang my head in embarrassment when I discuss computers. Now I can join the ranks of being a Mac user. Proud and confident am I. It is as if I approached the altar, knelt and surrendered all that I had been carrying on my shoulders alone. Struggling to make it through the day, every day. Wrapped in the bondage of cables and cords and wires that hindered my life, I turned over a new page in my life... No I tore the old pages from my old life and was given a new beginning through the purity of the sleek, gleaming white iMac, which arrived via UPS (Not Fed Ex thank you) to my doorstep last night after making the purchase on eBay last week.

Out with the old

In with the new

Glory Hallelujah - I've been set free.
If you want to learn more about accepting Mac as your computer click here.