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Monday, November 27, 2006

MS Explorer Can Get Lost Exploring

Microsoft Explorer can, for all I care, go exploring and never come back. With the recent upgrade of Internet Explorer 7.0 not going as smoothly as I'd hoped, I wandered over to this other icon on my desktop, which I'd heard others use, but never been so brave myself and double click on Mozilla Firefox.

Since I'm a techie in my dreams alone, I'll skip the techie review and give you my simple comparison.
  • They both do the exact same thing (connect me to the web)
  • They both do it when you click the icon
  • They both have an address bar, favorites listing and a home button, so they function the same
  • They both offer "tabs" which is some new thing Explorer has, but evidently Mozilla has had for a while. I don't like it, so to me I could care less.
Essentially they are identical... until you get all techie about what they do. Then evidently Mozilla is more secure, blocks more spyware and whatever else I should care about.

My opinion is this, use Explorer until it ticks you off with a troublesome install, then switch to Mozilla and blog about it in hopes that all of your readers will be inspired to switch as well thereby sticking it to that horrid evil empire known as Microsoft, which by the way I still use about every other product they have.

On a side note, I am considering turning to the dark side and going mac. [gasp] I know, and I'm still wrestling with the idea, but it's growing on me.