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Friday, June 02, 2006

Photo Blog of Before and After

I tried yesterday to post these pictures, but something with my computer / blogger / me couldn't get them uploaded. Here are some before and after pictures.


The front door. The left window was broken out and the lock barely worked. Aside from that it was a piece of junk.

The garage. Just a quick glimpse at the amount of garbage we dealt with.

The stove and more garbage. Had we saved the grease off the stove and the surrounding walls we could have opened our own McDonald's.

Wonderful artwork! Not sure why they thought we would appreciate this being painted on the bedroom wall, but I'm sure they had a good reason. Thank God for Kilz.

Just to the right of the wonderful dragon artwork is this hole. It's about the size of a foot, so I'm guessing after being inspired by the oriental dragon motif the tenant judo kicked the wall to show their skills.


The kitchen with new 18" x 18" travertine tiles and granite counter tops

We were so inspired by the dragon artwork that we decided to complete it. Yeah it took a lot of time, but we were very satisfied with the way it turned out. Fortunately I was able to restrain myself from kicking a hole in the wall.

The new front door I installed. It came pre-hung with a deadbolt lock to increase the security of the house.

Okay - actually we forgot to take after pictures, but in our defense we were so tired that it was about the last thing on our minds.