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Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Bad Day Golfing...

My senior year in high school, after lettering 4 times in cross country and 3 times in track, I decided to skip my senior year as a track stud and go out for golf. I liked playing golf and had a bad case of senioritis, so I played lots and lots of golf and lettered in that sport too. Of course, like any golfer I had my days that weren't so good. Instead of getting frustrated, I would remind myself that it was better than running quarter mile repeats on the track.

Fast forward my life 14 years and I'm still playing golf and still not running on the track. Tuesday I subbed in on a golf league for a colleague of mine and Wednesday I went to Denver to play in a potential sponsor's golf tournament. Both days I played like... well let's just put it that I had to continually remind myself that I could be sitting behind my desk staring at the computer.
In all honesty, the saying is true. A bad day golfing really is still better than a good day at the office.

By the way, that's Jim Fallon (not Jimmy Fallon) my team member from Wednesday's tournament. Looks like a great shot... nice form... but here's his second shot.

Fortunately I had the camera and you couldn't see my shots.