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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Physician Heal Thyself

I spent time yesterday and today with two different clients helping them register their trade names for their businesses. It's a simple process. Click, click, print, fill out the form, walk it in with $8 and presto - you have a business trade name. It's the all important first step to being in business.

Well, for some reason, the thought never crossed my mind that I may want to consider doing the same with Grin and Barrett until I discovered this.

Evidentally Angie Barrett (no relation that I know of, but she has a great last name none the less) has a TV show in the Dallas area on KXAS-TV/NBC, Channel 5 called Grin & Barrett.

If you want to see what my nomenclature competition is all about, you can click here and watch the first 11 episodes. I watched parts of a couple of episodes and it's not bad. She has some A-List celebrities on her show anyway.

Well, I think I'm now off to register my trade name, or probably more appropriately register a trademark before my last two clients come back and laugh at me.