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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Day Of Antiprolific Actions

In an attempt to be less "prolific" (definition 2, not 1 by the way) I thought I'd share some of the latest quirky things you can do while being unprolific at your computer.

The Song Tapper - Ever get the melody of that song stuck in your head, but can't place the words. Now you can tap out the rhythm of that song running through your head on your space bar and it will give you the song.

Magic 8 Ball - Make important corporate decisions based on the wisdom of the Magic 8 Ball. "Should we shut down the Alabama divison and outsource everything to China? - Reply Hazy, Try Again. Doh!"

Shakespear Insulter - Don't feel that "dip wad" and "dork" are cutting it any more when you toss insults around? Next time try calling them a tottering dizzy-eyed giglet. This randomly selects a shakespearean insult.

Sesame Street Terror Level - Want to introduce your preschooler to the world of terrorism? Then this is for you. Combining the Homeland Security Advisory System's terror levels and your favorite Sesame Street characters makes for loads of fun. Today's level is "Bert"

International Bra Size Calculator - I'm not realy sure. I'm not even going to comment. I just couldn't resist posting it.