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Monday, April 03, 2006

History in the Making at Starbucks

Granted I'm not a Starbucks stockholder, or even one of their top 20 customers in the world like some people I know, but I did experience something that made me feel like an elite member of the Starbucks society.

My mother-in-law, Mary Kay has become a barista at Starbucks. Deann and I stopped off to grab some caffeine (day light savings sucks) and visit with Mary Kay. While there she and the other barista were mixing up a new concoction.

Understand I'm not a big tea fan, be it iced or hot, but when I tasted their Passion Mellon Tea, I was pleasantly surprised. No typical iced tea taste and no watermelon jolly rancher flavor either. It was refreshing and quite tasty.

So, if you want your local barista to make it, here's the recipe as I got it from the creator.

  • Make some Passion Tea.
  • Put 1 cup Passion Tea
  • Mix with 1 cup water
  • Add 2 squirts of Mellon flavor
  • Add some ice and shake

Honestly it tasted like a Sobee. Mmmm good... but with caffeine. Mmmm better!