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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

3 Tips for Driving Photographers

We all see strange things on the road, but this one made me jump for a second. Imagine driving 70mph down the Interstate, when you see this white Jeep pull in front of you.

Fortunately I had my camera with me as I drove so I could share the moment.

Examine the picture below and tell me what's wrong. I understand that there is a pretty significant glare on the rear window, but do your best to figure it out.

3 tips to simultaneous driving and picture taking.
  1. Always have the camera in the front seat with you. It's very unsafe to reach around behind you into the back seat and try to retrieve the camera.
  2. Rest the camera on top of the steering wheel. This typically only works if you are driving in a straight line (i.e. highway driving) If turning corners you may end up with a picture of the french fry you lost in the air vent last month when you had to slam on the brakes to avoid rear ending the jerk in front of you, thereby sending your whole super-size fries hurling forward at the dash. It also helps you hold it steady with the motion of the car as you drive over potholes, etc.
  3. Use the view screen. This allows you to still use peripheral vision to see objects around you. Don't try to stick your eye up to the eye hole and shoot pictures like a traditional camera. It's going to be pretty hard to explain to the state patrol why you have "nonnac" imprinted above your left eye after you caused a 6 car pile up.