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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Meeting the Father of Spam

I am so excited. In less than an hour I get the distinct privilege of meeting Gary Thuerk, the Father of Spam. He was given that dubious honor because he was the man who sent the very first spam back in 1978. He's coming to my office so we can discuss the workshop he is going to be teaching for me at the Small Business Development Center on March 9th.

He has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, the LA Times and even Guinness World Records mentions him

His workshop is going to be on spam of course, but more on the topic of building and working in a creative work environment.

From the few emails and phone calls we've had so far he seems like a great guy. And no I won't give out his email so you can all have your vengeance by signing him up for every spam list in cyberspace. I won't give it... but I might sell it! Hey small business is all about making the deal right???

Anyway, if you're in Colorado Springs on the 9th, let me know and I'll make room for you at our workshop.