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Friday, February 03, 2006

Hanging @ Governor Willie's Crib

Thursday night, I escorted my lovely wife and her new hairdo to Denver for an evening of hors d'oeuvres at the honorable Governor Bill Owen's mansion. It is one of the many such perks of my job.

We were all there primarily to celebrate those entrepreneurs who had graduated from the NxLevel program. But let's be honest, we all came to see where the governor hangs out.

I would love to say I took tons of pictures of my bride and I looking from the balcony over the garden and the Denver skyline beyond, or sitting at the exquisite marble table as we ate tasty treats. However, my wife didn't want to take her purse in and I didn't want to look to touristy by carrying my camera around, so I left it in the car.

So instead of fabulous images of our ritzy evening, you get this: A snapshot of a beverage napkin I used with the governor's seal on it. It's almost the same I think.

Here are some images of what it does look like, but notice I'm not in any of them... because I didn't take any of them.