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Sunday, October 23, 2005

...And Action!

This weekend the most recent attempt to become "production oriented" as I call it during our serices. Having been a part of a church that could be called a Broadway musical in production level it has been hard to go back to the 5th grade musicals... the ones where the teachers mouth every line to make sure everyone knows the words.

As slow as the transition has been / still is, I am grateful that any transition is being made at all. It is where the nation's congregations are going and if we as the church are going to lead, we need to be ahead of them or convince them to turn around and follow us back to the 5th grade.

In concept we have made some big strides. Some very outside the box activities and much needed improvements on transitions made things go well. Mostly things were fresh because it wasn't the same routine that everyone is used to. I hate routine... Yawn.

So after one day, my analysis is this:
  • good ideas
  • changed things up / kept people guessing
  • things flowed better (not perfect though)
  • energy seemed higher
Not quites:
  • People involved in the service who were used to the routine couldn't always figure out what was next. This caused confusion.
  • Some critical parts of the service were omitted / done as an after thought.
  • People involved in the service seemed to be out of their comfort zone.

We'll see if we stick to our changes or give up and go back a few grades.