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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

weekly (week-n-a-half) poll

Well my weekly poll has become a week and a half poll. None the less here are the results.

Have you mowed the grass yet?
63% - yes
0% - no
38% don't have grass

Have you laid out yet?
38% - yes
68% - no

Have you played golf (or other outdoor activity)?
88% - yes
13% - no

Have you gone picnicing yet?
38% - yes
68% - no

Do you wish it was snowing?
13% - yes
88% - no

In summary
13% are stupid for wanting snow at all, much less in April.
the same 13% probably hasn't done anything outside yet.
I'm venturing a guess that if I'd asked "are you on prozac and considdered horribly depressed because you haven't seen the sun for over 6 months and your legs are as white as this" 13% would say yes.

Check out this 1/2 weeks poll - I promise to have new polls on Monday like normal.
The poll is about reunions. I'm going to my Fraternity's alumni weekend. Very excited. I get to see old friends and meet the new guys still there. When I started this fraternity 10 years ago, I never dreamed that it would become what it has today. But it's cool because I know it's going to become even better in the next 10 years.