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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Some pretty odd stuff

Lately, I've been exploring the web again. Remember when you used to do that because everything was fresh and new? Then it kind of lost its purpose because everything was just a rip off of the last page you saw. Well, for me, the fun has come back. Check this out.

If you're too lazy to shake your own 8 ball for answers, just call this person and they'll do the shaking for you. Magic 8 Ball Better yet, call the same number and ask for the smell update and the person on the other end of the line will tell you what they are currently smelling.

I called the guy... Asked for a smell update. He said "Oh, well last night some friends and I found some ipecac syrup in the fridge and drank it. I got some on my coat so I kind of smell like puke." He apologized because it was kind of a bad smell update. I said "thanks" He said "alright"

That's what I love about the web - the old web from the mid 90's when it wasn't about charging $1.99 per minute to find out what they are smelling. Hey, I've got free incoming minutes on my cell phone, I'm doing it for free, cause the internet should be free.