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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Search me

I love Google. I love Gmail, I love google.com, I love the creators of Google and their mothers too. I especially love my Google toolbar. I have it on every machine I use. It's the first thing I load when I start using a new machine.

Google has recently released the beta version of the tool bar called Toolbar 3.

Get it here

It has the usual features. Instant Google searching, pop up blocker, and search for the word within the site, but it also has added to it a spell checker. I am forever copying and pasting words into my Google toolbar to see if I've spelled them correctly. When I get the "Did you mean:" at the top of the results, I know I'm wrong and what they suggest is usually right. Well, now I can just click a button and it spell checks for me. It checks spelling on words entered into web forms, underlines them in red, just like Word and even gives suggestions of correct spellings when right-clicked. Wow - I'm in love all over again.

I just finished spell checking this post and I had 7 corrections. I hope someday you all can find true love like I have.