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Friday, January 28, 2005

Designing Differences

Deann and I just got back from the paint store where we found out that Dan the Paint Guy has quit his job to go drive a semi-truck. Oh the tragedy - the horror - Dan is the equivalent to Michelangelo for Pleasantville's small need of an interior designer. So, after the shock wore off, we began to plan out how we are going to paint our bedroom.

A relatively easy task for some, but Deann's tastes and mine are very different. I love the old world / mediterranean look like this.

She's in the mood for... well, I still don't understand what she wants. She has good taste, I just don't understand it. So 2 hours later we're home with a comprimise of olive khaki colors to go with our eggplant bedspread. My creativeness and willingness to experiment has driven her up the wall which is still unpainted. Her style has driven me through the wall. Maybe we should considder remodeling as well since the wall now has holes in it. Uh... no.

I'll get some pics up as the project unfolds.