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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Got scooped

My friend Captain Mac out out scooped me. I have been seriously wanting to blog on my favorite commercials for a couple of weeks and just procrastinating it I guess. Well not the Captain. He did it today about CNN's ads

Anyway, despite the embarrasment of out scoopage, I'll still share mine. - Besides, my favorites are way better than his. Just kidding, but not really - sort of, but seriously.

First is the You and HP. I actually just chose HP over Dell in a pretty serious purchase for the office. Not solely because of this ad, but I got to tell you the song was dancing in my head as I ordered. Plus very creative and since the machine I'm buying is for video editing I gotta know, how did they do that??? Way cool effect.

Second is the Miller Lite You Make the Call commercials, that got totally upstaged by Bud Light's referees replacing Bud wth Miller so they can take the beer for themselves. Ha - still funny to me. Never really cared for the Miller Lite ads, but Bud Lite is pretty funny.