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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Boob Tube Without Underwire

Just as I was coming to grips with my addiction to Television, the summer slump rolled around and save a few reality shows, which is like chewing a piece of gum to fend off hunger pangs an hour before the lunch whistle blows, there is nothing to watch.

Then I saw the coolest thing ever. (Link)

For a TV-aholic this is the equivalent of a drive through liquor store for an alcoholic, or a dealer who delivers to your house with a punch card - Every 10th nickel bag is free! WooHoo!

It's basically television on your cel phone. Never again do you have to miss CSI or Alias because you are stuck in traffic or some late meeting at the office. "Um, excuse me, I have to take this.. uh.. call"

Better yet, you never have to miss kick off because your pastor wont shut up on Sunday. Caution - if you get carried away during a service and accidentally jump up when your team recovers the fumble... you'd better be prepared to quickly disguise it as the Holy Spirit and start rolling on the floor. Maybe God will use it to start a revival... okay, maybe not.