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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Traditions

For me, Labor Day has long since been associated with the demolition derby. Growing up, I always went to the metropolitan area of Essex, Iowa to stay with my grandparents and take part in all the great traditions such as the flea market where I could usually talk my parents into buying me something small and junky. Then the parade, which is where I got my inspiration to play the drums would come down the street. Finally the whole weekend was culminated with the demo derby. I would walk up to the dirt field and watch cars smash into each other. WOW! What a rush for a kid to see.

Well, last Friday morning on my way into work, I was the lucky caller to the radio station and won tickets to the Colorado State Fair Demolition Derby. My youngest son, who is more the motor-head than my older son, joined me for the adventure. What a night of twisted metal and flying mud.

I'm glad I could extend the joy of the derby to one more generation on Labor Day.