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Friday, August 31, 2007

Venting My Frustrations

At work we have this copy machine... need I say more before I start venting?

Every time I'm in a crunch to copy something, like I was this morning, I load my paper in the feed tray and hear this stupid "beep beep" with an error message on the screen that says "Please remove original documents from the glass". The problem is I already did. There are no documents on the stupid glass. So, I try again and again, I log out and in and hit clear and reset.

"beep beep"


I finally have to shut the stupid copier down and restart it and hope that its little computer chip brain forgot what an idiot it is and lets me make the copy.

So, in honor of my frustrations, I give to you one of the best clips in all of movie history, honoring my (and probably most of your) copy machine problems.

*** special note that the sound track, while original to the movie, isn't office friendly ***

You can't honestly tell me that at one time in life you haven't felt like doing that... in the last week.