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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pursue the Passion

The argument of whether or not passion for your job should be the deciding factor in job satisfaction is not one that is completely settled with me. Perhaps I'm a little crispy after I came to the realization that being happy with my job doesn't make the rest of my life joyful. Maybe that's just me.

Pursue the Passion is an attempt to understand why only 50% of America likes their job and 20% applies passion in their job.
"Pursue the Passion addresses this issue by interviewing people who are propelled by a love for their work. From these interviews, our mission is to assist aspiring individuals to find work they can be passionate about by producing resources that help direct and guide their pursuit."
If you're passionate about your job, or know someone who is, share your story and schedule an interview and become part of the project.

It's a neat concept, though not entirely unique.

The question, which came up in a discussion panel I was part of yesterday is this: Should you follow passion or money when finding a job? I would spin this a little and give it a broader focus by suggesting you should follow your passion in life first. If that's your job then so be it, but if it is family, recreation or something else like travel, then use your job as a tool to fulfill your passion in that area.

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