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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Nervous No More

After having butterflies for most of the evening and pacing the living room until 6:00pm on Friday night, I loaded the kids up in the van and headed to the local school where I practiced pitching softballs into a tupperware crate until 7:00. Then I drove to the field for the game.

I followed Pamela Thomas-Graham's advice and huddled the team together before the game and let them know that I was a little nervous about pitching, and I was counting on them to help me out in the field. They supported me all the way.

After the first inning, we were up 3 to 0 and I only walked one person.

After the second inning we were up 7 to 0 and I didn't walk anyone. In fact I think I only walked 2 people all night in 5 innings of play. I actually had two strike outs. Sure it was this dainty girl who wasn't much bigger than the bat she was swinging, but a "K" is a "K" on the stat sheet.
The final score was 25 to 15. WE WON!!!

Obviously our defense needs a little work, but not as much as Team Sexy Time's did (an obvious reference to their favorite movie). Of course they said half of their team was in California partying that night and with a name like that I believe them.

Next game, this Friday at 6:00. Less nerves - more confidence