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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

3 Day Weekend Hangover

A three day weekend is something I always look forward to. Savoring that one day off that I can spend being lazy around the house or being quite productive, depending on how the mood strikes me.

This past Memorial Day was quite the family weekend, which seems to be more of the tradition than the original traditions of the holiday. We had a Sunday dinner BBQ with family. We went to a local festival as a family, saw a movie as a family and got tired and cranky as a family. Well my boys got tired and cranky, but what can you expect after 3 days of non stop family fun?

So, today back at work was not an easy transition. Feeling tired and cranky myself, I pulled myself back to my office and after avoiding it for quite some time I finally got a little work done.

This article from the Career Journal gives some good tips on what to do after coming back from a long vacation, but how about some help on a 3 day weekend? There's a niche market for someone. A consultant on 3 day weekend recovery.