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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Come One - Come All

For years I've always wanted to visit Las Vegas, but being the good church going / working boy that I am I never went to Sin City. All that is about to change.

Last night, my wife and I booked our tickets to go. Because of some great deals, we get airfare and hotel for about $400 for both of us. Our birthday's are 8 days apart and we figured this would make a great present to give to each other.
This immediately brought up the question, "Who do we invite to come with us on our trip?" While we both actually enjoy spending time together (weird isn't it?) we also love traveling with other people. It has a multiplication effect on the fun to be had. We kicked around a few names and finally decided that I would send out a "blogvitation" to all of our friends and we'd make a huge party weekend out of it.

So here are the details. We fly in to Vegas on November 8th in the evening and leave on my birthday, November 11th, late afternoon. We're staying at the Sahara hotel. Not exactly the Belliagio, but not exactly the price either. I figure you go to your room, lay down and close your eyes and they all look the same anyway.

If you're available and want to come for all or part of the weekend, we'd love to have you join us. You can take your own trip and just meet us for dinner some night, or plan on spending the whole weekend with us. Those details we can work out later.

So come one, come all! You're all invited to join us in Las Vegas as we party and live life like a 19 year old and not like the 33 year old I'll become on the 11th and the 32 year old my wife will become on the 19th of November.

Just to clarify, we aren't inviting you all so you'll bring presents for us. You being present will be present enough. I'm so excited - I can hardly wait. So - Will you come join us? Pretty Please!