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Monday, July 17, 2006

Inspired by Inspiration

So it seems that I was inspired by Betsy, who was inspired by Abe to find comparisons of who we all look like. But, since I'm never satisfied with the subjective, I searched out this objective comparison of which famous celebrity I look like.

My Heritage Face Recognition will take your photo and run a face recognition comparison against celebrities. I ran it and found that contrary to some people's belief I don't look like Radar O'Reilly off of MASH. Instead, I look like Gene Kelly.

It also said I look like this guy, so who knows how accurate this thing is.

Also, because I'm such a customer sensitive blogger, I know my readers (or at least one of them) hates to sign up for useless things. So, I've taken the time to open a generic account at My Heritage just for you. At the login it asks for an email and password. Enter the folowing and enjoy.

email: barrett@hotmail.com
password: barrett

There you go - no more whining in the comment section now.