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Monday, May 09, 2005

Dead TV

MSN ran a story "Obituaries from the TV Graveyard" in which it describes 10 of the biggest premature deaths on TV.

I point this article out only because it is proof that if I like a show it will shortly die. Instead I wait for the first season to finish, then if it is successful, I watch the reruns during summer and the 2nd season.

Of this list, I used to watch Sledge Hammer. Loved that show - very funny.
Voyagers - gave me that Back to the Future aspect. I love time travel stories.
Get a life - Nothing was funnier than a middle aged paper boy living at home.
I saw a few episodes of most of the others, none was as good as Slege Hammer though.

If my theory is correct, and every show I begin to like in it's first season gets cut, I am going to join the Voyagers, travel back in time and start liking the first season of ER - it was great for a while, but come on - does anyone even care anymore??? The Apprentice - I'm bored with the conference room. And CSI Miami - oh I loved the first one, but Miami is just stupid - kill it please.

Any shows you want killed while I'm using my ability to kill television shows?