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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Weekly Poll Results

Okay - here we go again...

Is your life the way you imagined it would be when you were 16 years old?

10% Yes - exactly
10% For the most part
10% Sort of, but not really
40% No - it's better
30% No - not better or worse, just different
10% No - life sucks and I hate you too

The results are pretty spread out. Only "No - it's better" and "No - not better or worse, just different" were higher than 10%. Does this imply that we didn't dream high enough when we were 16 and that's why 40% said it's better? Perhaps that 40% just was too easliy impressed. Since you can't scientifically imply anything from this data I guess you could also guess that they were big dreamers, but became big accomplishers too and surpassed their wild dreams of success. Who knows.

On a side note I have given considderation to installing a home security system and attending a concealed carry class as a result of the person who said "Life sucks and I hate you to" Sarcasm I hope, but you never know.

This weeks poll is about communication. Deann and I are teaching a class on it and wanted some opinioins about your communication.