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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Commential Failure

I measure the success of my daily posting by the number of comments I receive. If I get zero then I pretty much stunk that day. If I get 1-2 then it was okay. 3 and more and I've hit a home run. Maybe that's not an accurate assessment, but it's my feelings so to me it's right.

Maybe it's my competitiveness, or my desire to perform, but I also measure the comments I leave on someone else's blog as well. If someone responds to my comment, then I've made a great comment. If not, well then maybe it was dumb or maybe it was just lost in the shuffle. But, what I term as a "commential failure" is when I leave a comment on a blog and it is the last comment left. It's bound to happen by law of probability from time to time, but lately I've noticed that my comments are almost always the last comment. This makes me think that I killed what ever momentum was created by the blogger and previous commenters. Even if I'm the first or second commenter, I'll be the last. Maybe I'm the 11th commenter - I'm the last.

I'm really developing a bit of a complex about it. I began leaving more comments about 6 weeks ago in hopes to attract more readers and bloggers, thus more commenters to my blog, but who's going to post comments based on commential failures like I've been posting. I've even given thought to taking writing classes or reading a "how to write" book.

I'd ask the question "so what do you think?" but zero comments on that might send me into a tail spin. Oh, the horror... Oh, the humanity...

So how's that for transparency?