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Monday, March 14, 2005

Weekly Poll #2

Yet another week has passed and I'm here to share the results of last weeks polling data.

Now that Martha Stewart is out of prison, will you like her:
0% More - I've been waiting for her release
50% More - Used to hate her, now she's cool
13% Same - I still love her
25% Same - I still hate her
13% Less - Prison made her dirty

Sounds like going to prison made Martha a bit more popular. Maybe it's her prison tat's she got, especially the one she drew herself on that lovely parchment paper painted with a brush she made from some sun dried plant leaves she collected from her cell's window flower planter.

Check out this week's poll. We're going to see a movie tonight and can't really figure out what to see. That made me wonder what kinds of movies you like to see. Personally, I like lots of different types, but I'm always a sucker for a romance (as long as it's not too sappy) But I keep that balanced out with a healthy regiment of action-adventure.