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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christmas Cheer

Don't know if you had the chance to watch the lighting of the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree last night. Wow - beautiful tree, great Holiday cheer and music galore. I really had a great time watching it with the family. I wish all Christmas lightings would go so well.

Recently, I loaded up my family and went down to the town square for the first annual lighting of the Christmas lights. I thought it would be a great idea for the kids, and Deann loves Christmas, so I'd win some points with her too. What I hadn't planned on was rain, which wouldn't have been bad accept what I also hadn't planned on was the most long winded speakers. The event starts with the local college choir singing a couple of carols. Okay, fine accept the choir is 2 people. Each sang solos. Then a local church barber shop quartet sings a few more. Meanwhile, I'm getting wet and my arms are tired from holding my 2 year old. Then the highlight, my pastor actually spoke and prayed a blessing in less than 3 minutes. Wish the rest could have taken his lead becuase next the mayor decides to ramble on pointlessly for about 10 minutes and then the head of the decorating committee gives the comparison to a lifetime achievement award speech. "I'd like to thank Sara. Is Sara here? Come on up Sarah, give her a big round of applause as she comes. Without Sara none of this would have been possible. That reminds me of a story. 23 years ago Sara and my uncle's dog Rusty were out playing... you remember Rusty the 3 legged dog with the spot. " Oh My God Shut UP! I'm cold, wet, and have two kids I'm about to kill because you won't shut up and flip the stupid lights.

Finally, after 45 minutes of cerimonial dribble, they finally start the count down by announcing that the $1200 project turned into a $25,000 project. (wasted money) and then.... poof, the lights go on and it looked about like the local Moose Lodge hired the town drunk to hang them for 3 cases of Tequilla. What a great experience. Wish you all could have been there.