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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jet Set & Jet Lagged

This week I become a jet setter. I leave Tuesday morning for Houston, Texas where I'll spend 3 nights at the Hilton Americas for the national conference for work. Friday I'll climb aboard a late flight to Omaha, Nebraska to meet my father so we can drive to Iowa City, Iowa to watch the black and gold Iowa Hawkeyes stomp the wind out of the Iowa State Cyclones in the newly remodeled Kinnick Stadium. "We're gonna fight, fight, fight for Iowa..." After the game, we'll drive south to Missouri to swing the clubs and enjoy a couple of days golf before driving to Kansas City, Missouri on Monday to catch a flight back to Denver, Colorado so I can make it back to work on Tuesday morning.

Whiz - Bang - Boom, my next 8 days are going to go incredibly fast, and I plan on making the most of it.

As I was packing this evening - underwear... check, toothbrush... check - I decided it would be fun to do some photo blogging - camera... check, batteries and charger... check. I'll be posting regularly, though probably not at regular times this week. I never sleep well when I'm away from my wife, so stay tuned to find out what effects way too much hotel conference food combined with sleep deprivation have on my writing skills.