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Friday, August 25, 2006

Two Years and Still Grinning

As of August 26th, it will be exactly 2 years since my inaugural post. As I was reviewing the last two years of my life, I began to think how it has changed, what I have written about, how my life has improved and my writing has improved, yet the look of my blog has remained the same.

Remembering a particular comment from one year ago, I decided it’s time to update things a little, so I sat in bed with a laptop for the last week and a half recoding all the html I could figure out to change the template into what I call “Tuscan”. The comment section hasn't been changed yet, but give me another year and I'll get around to it.

Inspired by images from several Google searches my two boys' smiles and reflections on what I hope to accomplish with my writing, I landed on this color scheme and a new tag line “smile – it’s just life”.

As the journey continues here at Grin and Barrett, I hope you feel more relaxed to read by the soothing colors of Tuscany, more encouraged to take life with a smile and quit taking it so serious, and more free to leave comments expressing your thoughts.