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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Just for Noelle

Only because Noelle has allowed her uncanny ability of multiple posts to transcend from one blog to another, will I give the brief update on family, life etc.

Wife Deann is doing great. She has settled into small town life very nicely. Heading up our Mom's night out group at church she is loving all the social stuff that goes with that.

Son #1 Jacob is now 6 and starting 1st grade this Monday. He is twice as smart as his dad and has a much bigger vocabulary. Really sucks when you have to ask your 6 year old what that word means.

Son #2 Tyler is 2 and way different than his older brother. Where Jacob is very social and intellectual, Tyler is pure rough-house boy. I prayed for a hockey player, then confessed he'd be one for the first year of his life every night when I laid him to sleep. He may never be a Gretzky, but would definately give Tony Twist a run some day.

Me, I'm enjoying work and although it seems to consume my life, I still have fun at it.