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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What a Friend We Have In Myspace

Myspace has gone beyond epidemic proportions. I don't have and don't plan on ever having a myspace, but I find it amusing to poke around and see who I can find and what is on their site.

The curiosity about myspace is that people who lead normal lives by day will put ridiculous things on their myspace by night. I've even gone to the extent of checking to see if coworkers and professional acquaintances have myspace account. Surprisingly they do. This article will explain why poor judgement on myspace can be costly.

My prediction is that myspace is on it's way out. Why? Because I've now noticed that old people such as parents of teenagers are now putting up myspace accounts. Unless remedied, it will eventually kill myspace because the young and the hip will no longer find the allure of the semi-anonymous refuge as attractive when they realize all of the parents are hanging out there. It's just not cool anymore.

One "old person" that I found on myspace who is pretty cool might just be the savior of the whole thing. Pun intended. Check out his space here. I might just sign up for an account so I can have him as my friend!