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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simpsons Movie Was a "Doh"

Despite my mother's upbringing, I have long ago turned to watching the Simpsons and find it one of my favorite shows. (sorry mom, I know you raised me better than that, but at least I said no to drugs) Though I don't get to watch it much, I try to tune in as often as time allows.

So, when I heard that the movie was coming out, I was incredibly excited and loved every moment of the trailer. You could often times hear me singing "Spider pig, Spider pig, does what ever a spider pig does."

Knowing I would have to wait a long time to ever see this movie, I made a deal with my wife that I'd see Hairspray with her if she'd see the Simpsons with me. Secretly, I wanted to see Hairspray anyway, so it was a clever, if not fiendish deal on my part.

Earlier this week, we dropped the kids off for some child care while I went with my wife to collect on my deal. My review is this, I actually liked Hairspray better. Sure there were a few funny parts, but I actually find myself laughing harder at the TV show than I ever did at the movie. Perhaps it was a case of over anticipation brought on by the month long bombardment of promotions everywhere or maybe it just wasn't that great. I honestly can't remember laughing much past the part where Green Day stops to preach about the environment and the floating stage they were on corrodes in the polluted water and they sink like the Titanic. Okay that was funny, but after that there just wasn't that much. Oh yeah, Bart accepting the dare from Homer to ride his skateboard naked was pretty funny too, but I'm digressing. My point is that the last 50 minutes of the movie were pretty drab.

I did stay until the end to watch the credits and hear Maggie's first word, which was "Sequel". Hopefully the sequel will be better than the first try.

Sorry Homer, my friend, but that's just how I feel.

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