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Thursday, October 27, 2005

I'll Cry If I Want To

The end of October is quickly approaching and that means just one thing. No, not my chance to steal lots of candy from kids. It means I'm entering into the figure out what you want everyone to get you time of the year. My birthday is in just 2 weeks and my family is pestering me about what I want. Of course Christmas is not too far out either which means more of the same.

As much as I love the gifts everyone gets me and especially the thought that goes into them, I really have a hard time saying "Get me this and that and one of those" Which is exactly what I'm supposed to do.

I guess my feeling is this... I am not rich, but I have lots of nice things. I don't have any needs, so I feel akward asking for anything, and don't give me the "thats what makes it fun, you can get something you don't need, it's just something you want."

I've said this for about the last 8 years and I just keep waiting for someone to take me serious. I'd rather someone sponsor one of those starving kids in Africa with the money they would normally spend on my gift and do it in my name so I get the cute letters and I can write notes back to them throughout the year.

Even better, I'd love this. I so want to give a waterbuffalo. Seriously

Sunday, October 23, 2005

...And Action!

This weekend the most recent attempt to become "production oriented" as I call it during our serices. Having been a part of a church that could be called a Broadway musical in production level it has been hard to go back to the 5th grade musicals... the ones where the teachers mouth every line to make sure everyone knows the words.

As slow as the transition has been / still is, I am grateful that any transition is being made at all. It is where the nation's congregations are going and if we as the church are going to lead, we need to be ahead of them or convince them to turn around and follow us back to the 5th grade.

In concept we have made some big strides. Some very outside the box activities and much needed improvements on transitions made things go well. Mostly things were fresh because it wasn't the same routine that everyone is used to. I hate routine... Yawn.

So after one day, my analysis is this:
  • good ideas
  • changed things up / kept people guessing
  • things flowed better (not perfect though)
  • energy seemed higher
Not quites:
  • People involved in the service who were used to the routine couldn't always figure out what was next. This caused confusion.
  • Some critical parts of the service were omitted / done as an after thought.
  • People involved in the service seemed to be out of their comfort zone.

We'll see if we stick to our changes or give up and go back a few grades.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Do GLBT Students Need Special Protection?

I've become tired of my own dribble and have decided to jump into a hornet's nest by addressing a hot topic in the town of Burlington, Iowa. There is an open forum for the public schools that will address making the Burlington Community School District a GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) Safe place under the GLBT Youth in Iowa Schools Task Force program

Disclaimer: This may or may not be the view of my employer and I although I don't have one of those disclaimers in the top right corner of this blog, accept this as my disclaimer that these are my views and not anyone elses.

That out of the way, let me start by saying I am repulsed by the efforts most "Christian" churches make to reach out to and help the GLBT community feel safe.

Perfect example: This morning on our local AFR Christian station a panel discussion was conducted with numerous local pastors to discuss the upcoming forum. It sparked quite the buzz in the office and across town as every pastor accept one took the traditional stand that we love the sinner, but hate the sin. The one, Mark Connelly of Harmony Church, a local independant church said that Christians have done enough already to give themselves a black eye when it comes to this topic, and he said he wouldn't encourage Christians to attend the forum to oppose it. (Recipie for angst: Take idea opposite to what most think and voice it repeatedly on live radio broadcast. Shake well and let boil.) I may not 100% agree with Pastor Connelly, but I agreed more with him than I did the other people who made comments like "We're called to be the salt and sometimes salt stings" Hmm, not exactly what Jesus was talking about, but interesting interpretation.

The discussion carried over from the radio into the office where I actually heard the comment "Take em all and put em on an island in the South Pacific". The statement wasn't from a pastor, but to hear claims on the radio that the church is already the safest place in town for GLBT and then see how they are thought of by staff of the church... not exactly safe. Unless he meant to put them on one of those tropical resort islands that is all inclusive and has a great view of the ocean, but I doubt that's what he had in mind.

As much as I would honestly like to, prompted by this article, we won't be advertising ourselves as a gay friendly church.

FOR THE LOVE! People are so stupid and I am quite frustrated.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I'm staying on Wisteria Lane

Deann and I went to Jackson, Wisconsin, a distant suburb of Milwaukee. We drove in late last night and hung out with our friends Chad and Trista for a short time before going to bed, then we woke up this morning refreshed and feeling great. We opened the door and walked outside to take in the great fall air and beautifully changing leaves and then noticed that the street we are on looks just like Wisteria Lane off of Desperate House Wives. No kidding, it really does.

This is a picture of the street we're staying on, not the set of Desperate House Wives.

Monday, October 10, 2005


A while ago I told the tale of my exploits as a land lord and took a little grief about my taking pleasure in others pain. A little schadenfreude is healthy isn't it??? Maybe not, but none the less it's who I am I guess.

Now, before you get all judgemental again about my tendencies to laugh at misfortune, first watch this commercial and if you honestly don't find it funny, then you can cast the first stone.

Schadenfreude - my word of the week.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Bottoms Up

As part of my get healthy routine, I went and got my favorite bottled water in an attempt to drink more water. I love drinking Fiji Water. Well, not so much the water that comes in the bottle, but rather any water from the bottle. Acutally the water that comes in the bottle isn't that great, so I chug it down quickly and refill it with either Culligan if I'm at work, or out of our refrigerator if I'm at home. Something about the bottle. It's square instead of round and the water looks so refreshing in it. I love the 3-D design they've done. As you look at the bottle from the front you see a tropical island scene of flowers on the front panel and a cascading waterfall on the back panel separated by the water in between. I'm trying to drink 2 liters a day... glug, glug... pee.

I also wanted to share with you one of my new favorite sodas. It's called Cheerwine. I actually drink Diet Cheerwine (the health thing, remember) Not so much for the bottle on this one. In fact the bottle is almost generic brand looking. Maybe that's kind of why I like it. Not many people drink it and it does taste good. Kind of a Dr. Pepper meets Cherry Pepsi in a generic bottle. Sweetened with Splenda, so again... healthy. If you haven't tried it, next time you fill up grab one at the gas station. Mmmm tasty.

What are you drinking?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

I know many of you... okay almost all of my readers just don't care, but this is my blog and I can write about what I like, so I am.

The NHL was back in action last night after an absence of a year because of last year's strike.

I didn't get to see one live second of any game and every NHL team was playing last night because I had to work, but when I got home from work last night I sat and watched my shows I DVR'd, then I watched Barry Melrose give all the comments on the games.

I missed hockey. Thanks for playing this year.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Am I Going to Hell For What I Did?

Kids are so gullible. When do they lose that innocence and grow up and stop being gullible?

Tyler, my 3 year old got out of bed, came downstairs, and wanted to say good night to mommy, who was in the basement exercising. It was an obvious ploy on his part to keep from going to bed.

Being the wise father I am, I told him that if he went up stairs, got into bed and went to sleep, I'd send mommy up. But, not until he was asleep would I send mommy up.

He thought about it, said okay, turned around and went upstairs and fell asleep.

I am so glad he hasn't grown up and figured it all out yet... is that wrong???

Monday, October 03, 2005

Getting in Shape... Still

I think I've been trying to get back into shape now for over 2 years. I've managed to not gain any more weight, but haven't exactly reached that hunky, sex symbol status I'm looking for either. Prison camp is not the best alternative... but I am considering it.

I did all the flashy, trendy diets and still nothing. Finally I decided get serious and so I am.

Well today, I'm feeling the effects of my labor.
I ran 3 miles this morning
Played racquet ball at lunch for over an hour
Then in the evenings I do push ups during the commercials

I'm so tired and sore, but no pain no gain right?
My goal is 20 lbs down by Christmas.